Sweet Sunday!

I love Sunday’s.  There is just something special about them, and in our family, it is a day that is almost at a go slow, or meandering pace.  So on this gloriously sunny (and not windy enough) day we ventured out to the Kite Festival at Redcliffe.  It was initially a major hazard just crossing the road with the herd of kids, but worth the effort!  The wind came and went and was not consistent enough when we were there to keep some of the bigger kites up (carbon tax maybe?!!!), but it was a display and a sight to see.  Revelling in my inner child, the six of us sat mesmerised by these flying beauties.

There truly is something majestical and freestyle about kites – anyone can fly one, and they are just so beautiful!  There were so many traditional kites there today that were hand made, and hand painted – they were incredibly intricate.  The talent blows me away!


So after many ‘oohs; & ‘ahhs’ from the kids we headed on out.  There were markets and rides a plenty, but we ended up at the petting animal farm.  Hayden loves these – reminds him of Broken Hill and he often gets a little upset, but he was fabulous today.  Never before have I seen such a difference in the kids – Caitlyn, who is the most boisterous and confident child, was very wary of all the people and animals.  She was focused soley on the ducklings!  Emma on the other hand was cracking up laughing at the kids and feeding them (hand feeding) and just loving it.  She was and is always so ‘out’ there.  She seems to just run with the flow of whatever happens will – she never gets hung up on routine – the other three (much like their mother) have an internal clock obviously and when it is 12 midday it is lunch time!  Emma could not give a rat’s!
Anyway, back to the petting zoo – the kids had a ball.  I think we spent $5 on food (@ 50c a cup) as the kids just kept feeding and patting.  It was really lovely to see the kids having such enjoyment from other ‘babies’ and I guess OHS rules will soon ban stuff like this.  There was antibacterial hand wash etc available on the exit, but soon enough, you watch, they will be a thing of the past due to risk factors, public liability blah blah blah…sad day :/



These pictures do the day no justice!  The kids had a ball!  And the $4 entry fee – awesome!
To cap my day off I had a Stampin’ Up party – Thanks Pauline 🙂  It went well – with all walking away impressed with themselves that they made a tricky card (the waterfall card from my post yesterday).  I am looking forward to coming up with new challenges for these ladies as they are going to have a workshop every month or so!

Well, Sundays, as lovely as they are, always come to an end.  Working Monday – Friday I used to get the Sunday arvo blues, knowing that it was the end of the weekend and work was looming (and there are studies on this!!!) but working as I do right now, every day is a bonus if I am not working!  Routine will kick in tomorrow anyways with Hayden being at school.  Am lucky enough to be doing a little retail therapy tomorrow with a gorgeous gal (she has to come to push one of the prams!!!) so will not be stuck at home all day tomorrow!


Its getting late (for me!!!) and am going to go and indulge in a cup of tea, my cozy mothers day slippers and watch an episode of some dodgy TV show on my iPad.

Happy Sunday 🙂