A Different Kind of Blog Hop

Last week, I was nominated by the beautiful Petra Cocoran to participate in “a different kind of blog hop’.  Petra is an amazing project lifer, and was on Becky Higgins’s creative team such is her talent!  So I feel very special to be nominated by her 🙂

I love blog hop’s – they always lead you to amazing places that you may never have seen before – and I can spend hours reading through all the carefully crafted words, pictures and stories.  So, here I am – and here are the questions –

1.  What am I working on right now?


Project Life – I just caught up about 14 weeks worth with the new Project Life App, got them printed at Persnickety Prints and am in love with them.  I am not a convert, as I love the tactile approach and process of Project Life.

PL App Page :)

PL App Page 🙂

In terms of papercraft, I always have a few things on the go, but that is what I love about some stories, you can leave them, and come back to them.  I am also working on #30Lists September 2014.  I have done all my lists, I am just finishing up my mini album for it.

This beautiful daybook was made by Jodie York from Polka Dot Creative.  I love them and have used them a few times now for mini books!

This beautiful daybook was made by Jodie York from Polka Dot Creative. I love them and have used them a few times now for mini books!

Polka Dot Creative is Australian and her amazing Brush Script, Polka Dot Pieces and unique handcrafted goods from other artists can be found here.

I have also recently learned to crochet and am working a few things for gifts and charity 🙂

2.  How long does it take me to create a project?

I am a bit of a procrastinator – and can focus on one thing for too long and get overwhelmed – more so with traditional 12×12 pages.  Project Life I keep it simple because I want to record the memories and the routines!  I still do weekly spreads as so much happens, and also because my husband works away it is always nice for him to see what we have been up too that has not always been here to see firsthand.  For PL about an hour for a week.  Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.  Depends how distracted I get!

3.  What are my favourite things to create with at the moment?

I am fairly simple and stick with core kits and also stamps from – Kellie’s Stamps and I also subscribe to a some PL monthly kits that I add in.   I try to keep it simple – I don’t embellish in layers as such, usually stamps, handwriting (because I am too gumby to do digital) and basic bits and pieces.

Stamps from Kellie's Stamps, in a PL Mini Album (made four copies for myself and three girlfriends!)

Stamps from Kellie’s Stamps, in a PL Mini Album (made four copies for myself and three girlfriends!)

4.  How does my writing/creating process work?

I use the Collect App and track the week through photos in that respect.  I also have an Erin Condren Life Planner that I am totally in love with and it holds all that we do.  It also looks very pretty and helps with my stationary nerd inner self!


5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired?

I am dedicated to keeping our families memories.  In whatever way I can.  So that is my driving force.  I want my kids to know what it was like when they were young, and not just from their perspective.  I also am in love with candid photos and photos of moments that we don’t celebrate – little events that make up a day, but are in hindsight, some of the big moments.  Things like the washing and how it is never ending, how many bananas they can eat in one day, the funny little sayings, all of it we forget so quickly!
In terms of inspiration for my work – I use instagram and the amazing PLA facebook group, as well as blogs from all over.

6.  What is my signature style?

Uhm – to be honest – at least one mistake in every layout and un-straight sticking/placement of items.  But I love it because i know it is me.  Stamps are never straight no matter how many thingamajigs I try, but they are stamped or placed with love, so that has to count right?!

So, this is the end of my questions.  And now it is my turn to nominate three people (to keep the ‘hop’ going) who inspire me.  Now that was tough!  The three beautiful women who I have nominated I have had the pleasure of meeting in real life, and are amazed at all that they do.  They each have unique styles and incredible talent in their storytelling and recording.  I am very proud to call each of them my friend and I know you will LOVE their work –

1.  Beth Patfull.  Beth is the co-founder of the amazing PL Australia Facebook group, that now has over 3000  members  Her and Jodie York kicked it off and have created something amazing – they are both royalty in my eyes.  Beth is a fellow nurse (well she is a midwife…) and we share so much more in common.  I love catching up with copious amounts of coffee with her – go home with an aching tummy from laughing SO much.

Her blog is full of wonderful storytelling and amazing projects.  She can be found here.

2.  Carol Fry.  Carol is amazing – she has just opened her own online scrapbooking store called Craft Paper Scissors and is an absolute example of working towards her dreams.  Carol’s project life and scrapbook pages are awesome!  They are always so mulit-faceted and full of life.  Carol runs a craft camp called Camp Paper Scissors – and I met her the first time through this camp.  Her and another lady (Michelle Stokes) organise this amazing getaway that is incredible!  I will never every forget archery!

Trust me – you will love what you see.  Her blog is here.

3.  Lauren Matthews-Nicholls.  Lauren is liquid sunshine!  Always smiling, always full of life and laughter.  I also met her at Camp Paper Scissors, and have maintained contact since.  She is an advocate for the non-profit sector, and it totally suits her!  Lauren is incredibly kind hearted, and talented!  Her pages are full of popping colour, amazing arrays of products and wonderful stories.

Lauren’s blog is aptly named Love Life Lauren and you can find it here.

That’s it for me.  Thanks Petra for the nomination; and thank you to the three lovelies that are following on after me.



Life around here lately seems to be focused on words.  Which is fine, as I am a bit of a word nerd.  We still have “seriously” featuring heavily in the rotation of daily ranting.  But now, we have a new contender –  “Actually Mummy…..”.  I must hear that at least 50 times a day.  Usually when I am being corrected by one of the four who believe quite firmly that they are indeed correct.  The topic can range from anything to do with cake being good for you because is like fruit, right through to the ‘real’ meaning of words (like doppelganger!).

I find myself almost needing to reference my conversations – as in, no I am right because you actually cannot eat rainbows – surely science would stick with me on that one?  Well I have three kids who believe quite firmly that you can eat a rainbow, because, of course, they have done it, and they had a banana afterwards.  Right.  So I am not sure how the said rainbow was eaten, a` la mode?  Or just with a sandwich, as they all differ on their answer.  Caitlyn tells me she had ice cream and a rainbow.  And the rainbow smelt like bubblegum, strawberry and sunshine, all together and all at once.  Cute.  Emma on the other hand tells me that her rainbow was served with glitter, by a unicorn.  Unicorns are totally cool – so I think I will go with her version.  Plausible, somewhat.  Brendan does not really have a story as he was side tracked by ice cream!  He will just agree with which ever sister he does not want to offend at that given moment.

I find it astonishing that they have such vivid imaginations. They feed off of each other and play into the story.  Suddenly, it is not just one who is having a nightmare or bad dream – they are all comparing theirs.  “Actually Mummy…my dream was worser than Caitlyn’s as I had a creeper chasing me (Minecraft lingo).  And so it goes.  And goes.

I can actually see the bond between all of them – like a string holding them all together.  Not just the triplets, but Hayden too.  He is definitely fluent in the language of Moloney siblings.  He understands everything they say and do, and knows all the names of their toys.  They know all the names of his, and show great interest in everything Hayden does.  They love his best friend as much as Hayden does (and thank goodness Master I has a sibling, so he ‘gets’ that they follow you everywhere!); and love it when he comes over to stay (think three shadows….)

They get up to mischief together, although, in all fairness, they don’t think their behaviour is mischievous!


They decided (as a collective) to decorate their cubby house.  Granted, it is theirs.  Clearly this is Hayden’s writing, but Emma, Caitlyn and Brendan all affirm that it wasn’t Hayden, it was them.  Haha!!!  They all obviously pitched in, as there is lots of faces, drawings and other pictures.  I had to laugh.  When I found out (when hanging washing on the line) I asked them all.  The conversation went like this –

“Who did this?”

Hayden – “Actually Mum, we don’t know”

Caitlyn – “Actually Mum, it was me, and B and Emma, Hayden wasn’t here”

I don’t know whether to be worried that they are blatantly lying, or revel in the fact that they have protective arms that envelop them – just the four of them.  So, I have shrugged off the incident.  When explaining why it happened (and there was talk about “maybe we did it because it was pretty boring inside the cubby”) I figure they actually only did the inside, and the outside is ‘already painted pretty mummy’; I can see (if I was in fact 3) why I probably would have done the same.

And I want to be that mum.  The one that does all the cool stuff, and has fun and whose kids just always have fun.  In reality, I try to be a well rounded mum.  Not always easy with Jason working away.  But I try.  Granted, I tend to start breathing fire (all dragon-esque) when I am really tired, or have so much work to get through, and probably stop a little of the fun.  But I am really trying!  Actually (haha) motherhood is difficult.  I have written about my tiny little army and how they are dictators – but they are nothing compared to the harshness that is your own judgement and thought processes.


This is the page of a book that the kids are reading at the moment.  It is so cute, and this page (that was opened today!!) is so incredibly apt for me right now!  It is from “The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories” Bu Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Wirrow.  It is gorgeous and full of one page stories and pictures that the kids are loving. 

And it is just that – my kids love me undoubtedly, and really, there is no chartered course for this crazy gig of Motherhood.  There are milestones, and things that ‘just happen’ – we get older (every day actually Mummy we are another day older), and we innately learn how to do somethings.  But some days, I don’t know exactly what to do.  I love them, I feed them, and I clothe them – but what do you do when your kid wants to stay up all night to watch the stars and read a book?  I used to want to do that; and really, the only down side is he will be tired all day Sunday…so I let him!  There is no rule book – and I know that staying up all night is not a huge decision, and it is just a lazy example.  But unlike illness where Google is instantly promoted to Dr Google, and everyone has cancer, there is no book to look up and refer to – you have to wing it.  And that really is the part where the nerd in my shudders.  I don’t wing anything.  I meticulously and nerdily plan every week for all our activities and events.  And that is why some days, I find Motherhood so difficult!  Because we are all different parents, and we all have different experiences to add to our decisions and choices.  What I do know, is that I teach my children how to love and be loved, and some days we stay in our PJ’s all day;  and we eat breakfast for dinner.  I am learning that that is not a sign of defeat – it is a sign that some days, we all need to slow down.  My kids are never going to be this age again.  And I am going to miss it terribly when Hayden no longer wants to hold my hand.  Or when the triplets run at me (and I mean run) and throw themselves at me (yep, all three, at once) when I pick them up from Kindy.  They are THAT excited to see me.  The teachers even love watching it ever day.  I need to learn to be a more patient mother.  Sometimes I am so busy, I forget that my kids don’t know the horrors of a to-do list or a working life.  They don’t know because they are kids – and I want to keep it that way! 

I don’t have an answer on how to do any of this – other than keep on keeping on.  I email the kids (I have set up accounts for them all, we are all moloney.theirname@gmail.com) and tell them little things about their day every now and then.  Figure I will hand the email account over to them when they are older.  I reckon it would be amazing to see and have the insight of their mum (and dad) from one day.  I am still completing project life and I am still trying to be as brutally honest as possible.  We are not a rosy all perfect family.  We are far from it, and that is what I love about it.  It captures “us”.  I have even done a mini book on a crappy day so that even that day is memorised for what it was.  I am sure my kids will think I exaggerate when they are older and I am telling their kids or their partner about how they were when they were kids.  But what I do know, is that I am doing my best.  And I know that I am trying to be a strong mother, and one who also knows when enough is enough, and steps in.  I am protective, but also aware that I can only protect them from so much, they have to be strong enough to cope as well.  So, if anyone has any secrets on how to do this or tips – please send them my way!

So, I actually am going to miss the 100 times a day words, and the Muuuuummmmmmyyyyy’s, but some days it is so difficult to see the forest for the trees – seriously 😛










Remember those ‘bad’ days?

Friday I had one of *those* days.  One that felt like it was never going to end, and one where I was fighting an uphill battle against four little humans, gravity, and well just about anything that I tried to accomplish. 

Normally I do our families memory keeping predominantly through Project Life and this blog.  I also have email addresses set up for all the kids (all just moloney._____@gmail.com) where I send them an email about something (even mundane) they have done with a picture and sometimes just a story.  In any case, I will hand over the reigns of the addresses to them when they are older.  Not sure if it is an 18th Birthday moment or not.  I have been doing it for about a year now, and love it.  I hope the kids do as well.  Anyway, I digress!  Mainly our week is documented through photos and words.  I like to add in small tiny humanism’s.  For example, yesterday, Brendan said he couldn’t go to kindy because….wait for it….he could not feel his legs.  I lost it laughing at him!  That right there is what I love recording and keeping a moment captured for all of us to appreciate and laugh, cry or cherish in times to come.

Most of this documenting, is not focused on one bad day.  So I thought I may as well get something ‘good’ and a bit of craft out of my day.  It was actually an amazing experience.  Because even though there were moments where I thought I would combust with frustration, there are so many more moments that in hindsight, were truly beautiful moments.  Here is a glimpse –


The cover of my mini book.

I have used a bit of everything….


My whole purpose was to be honest, real, and create something that I know in 20 years time will bring me right back to the moment!




This smiley face was seriously taunting me!  I did NOT want the coffee to end!!


I saved one of the (three) mini muffin boxes to keep in the mini book, more so because it was cute and the kids get these tiny little muffins!  But underneath I wrote the cost (which is crazy for four kids and an adult!!).  Then the little things that make me smile – Miss Caitlyn drinking her cup of tea from her mug, yep a real mug, not plastic.

Then trying to do the groceries….Image

And then….out to the car and….


And my very fitting # tag seeing as I did not get time to cook tea…..#motheroftheyear…


Then onto bed time – where they really did rip apart a book 😦  Not cool!




There is about 10 pages of handwriting in the mini book as well, which was great.  I could really say everything.  On the whole though, looking back at the photos, even though at times it was so difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, I eventually got through, and was able to smile, laugh and realise it was not that bad when I did this reflection.  I am now making more of a concerted effort in not saying I had a bad day and breaking it down to something like – well breakfast was a milk splashing nightmare and I find it makes it a bit easier to keep on going and I am not as stressed or cranky!!

Thanks for looking 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

Project Life – half way there?!!

Time has literally flown this year! I have to say, I’m incredibly chuffed with not only keeping up to date with project life, but with the outcome! My kids and husband now love looking back, and it is amazing looking at how the kids have grown, changed and the seemingly ‘little’ things we have done each week.

The last few weeks I have had quite a few ‘hidden’ journaling cards as there has been a few events that have just been so emotive, that I felt it was more honest to ‘hide’ the journaling. Here are a few pages of late, using the studio calico PL kit ->



I LOVE the Amy Tangerine stamps that came with this Studio Calico set!!

Here is another week, using a Polka Dot Creative Mini Kit ->




I can’t believe that I’m up to week 26 and that more importantly, half the year is gone!

I am working on a few mini albums (love them!) – currently one each for the kids, and am going to wrap the half year mark up with a ‘currents’ for each of us – so what we are reading, watching, saying and doing as individuals and a family. I think I will start the next half of the year in a new album though – its getting heavy!

I am totally in love with PL and so glad I stumbled upon it!

Amy Tangerine Visit ~> Lovely!

The wonderfully talented (and amazingly nice!!) Amy Tan visited Spotlight stores recently in Australia.  I was lucky enough to get to one of the stores to meet her, and a few of the Project Life Australia Group people in ‘real’ life!  It was awesome!

I had rung the store weeks prior to check and ‘book’ a seat, and yep, in true Ali style, had called and re-checked four times.  I think they were sick of me calling – mind you the first call they had no idea Amy was coming!  Anyway, Jase was unfortunately working – despite me begging for him to get the day off!!  So, after much planning, pleading and begging got enough people in to look after munchkins and pick up Haydos 🙂  All was good.  It was a mammoth effort to get out of the door in ‘nice’ clothes without being swarmed with sticky fingers and snotty grotty noses!!  Anyway, I arrived half an hour early as I was so worried about missing a seat or not getting a park!  So, I got to see the set up and sit down and catch up on my words with friends games!

I have made a day book (from Amy’s range naturally) and here are some shots from it –

Inside - personalised just for me :)

Inside – personalised just for me 🙂




My moment of stardom - Amy took a photo of my PL as it had the info card in it from Becky Higgin's Core kits....

My moment of stardom – Amy took a photo of my PL as it had the info card in it from Becky Higgin’s Core kits….






So none of my make and take’s are going to be ever used – haha!  The card is stuck down here, but the tags *could* be removed if I wanted to….but they are so special!  Amy blogged about her Brisbane visit here and it featured a few pictures from the Everton Park store and of me & my PL which I felt like a rockstar about!  You can see it here.

Sorry for the picture overload – trust me, this is not all of them!  I actually got these all printed from Persnickety Prints – their quality is amazing, so I think I will be using them a great deal more -especially seeing as they do the wonderful PL rounded corners!

So to Amy – a very very big –

Thanks Amy!

Thanks Amy!


Mother’s Day…a wrap..


And so my 7th Mother’s Day is over.  It is days like Mother’s day that make me hold my head a little higher, and I try not to suck in my gut as much!  I have stretch marks – paintings my kids did when they were in my tummy (so I tell them), I have laugh lines, and I have skin that has stretched so unbelievably far with growth from pregnancy.  But you know what?  On Mother’s Day, or on any day, to my four children I am the ‘prettiest and bestest Mummy ever’.  In my kids eyes, I am the fixer of just about anything, consoler of little scrapes, ouchies and a fair referee in a fight/s.  I am apparently, the best at ‘cuddlering’ that you can be.  I have four unique, bright, quirky, and full of spunk kids.  The triplets certainly stamp their mark on just about everything, and with four kids, I am always going to be outnumbered!


The other night, while Jason was away on a conference, Brendan and Emma refused to go to sleep.  It was well after 830pm.  I had smacked their bums, done all the usual ‘go to sleep’ pep talks and even sung lullabies.  Caitlyn was passed out cold – she is usually the first to give in to sleep.  On this occasion Brendan and Emma were playing chasies and just refusing sleep.  Jason is normally the big sleep enforcer, its like sending in the big guns when Daddy goes in – there is never a peep afterwards.  So, night three of no enforcer, and they have really worked out that they can pull just about anything and not get the big stern voice of Dad’s!  So, for those of you familiar with Hi 5 – there is one song “Amazing” with the opening lyrics of “Wow, what a surprise, you opened up my eyes, you really are amazing”.  This is one of Emma’s favourite shows right now.  Anyway, I smacked her bum (nappied bum for all your shocked readers who think smacking a kid is ‘bad’) and she sings, with a smile and no hesitation –

“Wow what a surprise, you smacka my bum, and it really isn’t amazing, Emma has won first prize as she really is amazing”.  I walked out, trying not to laugh, and lose it at the door.  Then hear this little sing song voice – “I can hear you laughing mummy”.  How is this not hysterical!!!

Moments like this make me realise just how quirky, cool and ever changing motherhood is.  One year ago Emma would not have had the ability to string that together.  Imagine what she will be doing in another years time?  I often wonder what all my kids will ‘be’ when they grow up.  As long as they are happy I tell them, I don’t care.  I want the world and more for my four – as I am sure all Mums do!  Hayden is dead keen on being a palaeontologist through the week and a vet, a police officer and an RSPCA carer on the weekends.  Any one of those would be fine 🙂

Caitlyn is currently a Princess, and whilst I am sure this will never be formalised, she will always be a Princess!  She is the kid that will have ‘people’ doing her stuff.  A serious delegator and negotiator!

Brendan – well this kid is the dark horse.  Gangly, fast and not as dumb as he makes out.  He will be sporty no doubt, but not sure what else he will do!

Emma – she is the kid that will come home from school and you will ask what happened today at school – her response will be along the lines of ‘ah the clouds, they are pretty’ she is an artist.  An ethereal, free spirit who finds humour in so many things and is in tune with all that goes on around her.

So, back to Mother’s day – These cards (on 4 x 6 Project Life Cardstock!!) reduced me to tears –


And Hayden made a few little things also that he was so proud of (and rightly so!!!)  Loved the Mother’s Day Stall at his school – here were my gifts –



Handmade by Hayden 🙂  My Mother’s Day Rose 🙂

From the trio I had these absolutely gorgeous keepsakes and not surprisingly they are in birth order 🙂  Caitlyn has the biggest feet (smallest born, heaviest and tallest now!!)


Then came Jason.  Fresh from a visit to Melbourne and unsupervised he completely spoiled me!  I got a lovely new watch, a scarf that Jason tells me “is all the trend this year” (guy knows more about fashion than I do!!) and this –


A genuine Louis Vuitton purse.  I am under strict orders to use it and NOT put it away for ‘good’ or special occasions.  I am very nervous about this, and have a million mothers guilt thoughts, but I guess you only live once right?  I have transferred my wallet over, and am using it.  It is classic.  It is likely to be more than I can even begin to imagine, but he had a pretty strong argument.  I love my kids like there is no tomorrow.  I work my butt off to ensure they have all they need and want (though they are not spoiled rotten), and I don’t do much for myself at all.  So, use it I will.  I think it may take a few months to shed the guilt though….

The day ended with dinner at the Bronco’s Leagues Club –


It is a true representation of my kids – it is so hard to get a ‘good’ photo (unless of course we go to Kate @ Baby Boo Studios).  But I would not change it for the world.

Motherhood is a double edged sword sometimes.  Some days I feel like the worst mother in the world as I am so tired, cranky and just over being outnumbered by conspiring kids….and other days (which is most) so incredibly overwhelmed at the little beings we have created and just how amazing they are.  Some days, it is just so darn good to kiss them goodnight and think about what I can now get done without little interruptions (but then feel guilty for thinking that)!

I would not change it for the world, but I wish that as mothers and even as parents, we could refrain from judging others.

I do not judge anyone’s parenting.  Every family has their own unique make up.  Ours is constant, busy, and yep, we both work.  I try to instil respect, kindness, courage and dignity in all my kids.  That and faith in each other and our family.  Truth, honesty and trust are also big.  My skills as a mother are drawn from many sources.  My mother, my friends and some other big influences in my life – my oldest friends mum’s.  Mrs C, Mrs P, Mrs A – you are all amazing!  I also teach my children consequences.  Not everything is something that you can simply press ctrl alt del on.  Life is a lesson, but not a dodgy science one – a fun, vibrant and lovely journey!  So take stock of what you have, mother or not, and enjoy this crazy ride that is life!

Happy EVERY day!

Life, Paper, Scrapbook – Blog Hoppy!


Life, Paper, Scrapbook is an Australian online publication featuring all things crafty and packed with inspiration and visual delights!  Issue one, Autumn 2013, can be found here, and just quietly you can see one of my project life pages on page 91!  Today a very exciting blog hop is happening – I am lucky enough to be a part of this blog hop and am lucky last 🙂

This week has been dedicated to Project Life – an amazing memory keeping system that is about recording and documenting your life – simply.  I am a PL newbie – starting this year, and I am LOVING it.  I find that I am recording the seemingly inane or minor things that occur – and trust me, these are going to be the big things in ten years.  Little nuances that my children say or do, alterations to the house, day to day routine – it is all recorded.  And I love that.  I love that it is something I can literally allocate an hour for and do justice to the Moloney week.  Much of our week is mayhem – but it looks even better in an album, and also makes me realise how fast time goes when those really horrible days do occur (two kilos of flour on the floor, overtired 2 and 3/4 triplets, 3 litres of milk in the drawer…).  My PL is honest, raw, and at times brutal, but it is aimed for my family and I.  I document a great deal – by hand, as I have not gotten around to digital.  I think I still love the smell, touch and array of paper!  I am using the Amber kit from Becky Higgins, as well as some Polka Dot Creative Mini Kits, Studio Calico PL Kits (have received two!) Amy Tangerine embellishments and Give a Girl a ….. stamp sets; and some bits and pieces of Seafoam & Clementine (both Becky Higgins).

Amber Core Kit

Amber Core Kit

I started out very humbly and still think my pages are very simple.  But that is the point.  My title page was straight out of the suggested card placement for the Amber Core Kit!

2013 Title Page - Moloney Mayhem!

2013 Title Page – Moloney Mayhem!

I then completed an “about” page – what I wanted to achieve this year in PL and a picture of each of us at that time.

"About Page"

“About Page”

I included the 4 x 6 information card that comes with the Core Kit – as I thought, for me, it was so basic and really needed to be there.  Meeting with the amazing Amy Tan earlier this month, I was amazed when she looked through my PL album, but also that she took a photo of my page using the Becky Higgins 4 x 6 card – yep, my album photographed by Amy Tan!!

Amy Tan :)

Amy Tan 🙂

Every week I still love flicking back through the weeks and looking at them again.  Importantly, my kids love looking through their multiple ‘stories’ and visits to the museum or somewhere fun, and Hayden, especially now that his reading is becoming so proficient, loves reading my ‘stories’.  My husband is also a bit of a fan 🙂  So, for project life week here are a few of my favourite pages so far this year 🙂

Little angels when they are asleep :)

Little angels when they are asleep 🙂

Brendan's First Hair Cut

Brendan’s First Hair Cut

An insert on my special big boy Hayden - just about where he is 'at'.

An insert on my special big boy Hayden – just about where he is ‘at’.

This is an insert – it is about Hayden – my eldest, and is about where he is ‘at’.  He has a tough gig being big brother to triplet siblings and does it so very well.  I am always incredibly proud of his patience, tolerance and absolute love for his siblings, no matter how disruptive they can be!  The back page shows a picture of Hayden at the same age the trio are now –

The back of Hayden's insert

The back of Hayden’s insert

All about family!

All about family!

Small details...

Small details…

I love this page :)

I love this page 🙂

Week Seventeen :)

Week Seventeen 🙂

Week 17

Week 17

So I know this might be an overload of photos, but I have tried to restrict them!  Some weeks some saddening or frustrating things have happened – I have journalled those in bi-fold cards so they are tucked away for ‘our’ eyes only.  That is what is so wonderful about project life, and I am keeping it ‘real’.  I am busy, and have a handful of kids, so trying to record all that we do is so important.  In a blink of an eye my kids will be double digits and not saying the cute little words or calling me Mummy anymore.  Some weeks I feel the focus is on one child more than another – but this is ok with me – as they all do different things, and all have different attributes.  Hayden has a little more packed into his days other than Dora, painting, triplet trashing (a technical term for destruction by three at once – against any object!!) or toilet training so often does score a few more stories.  Work factors in as well – good or bad, as it is a very real component of everyday life.

I run my weeks Monday – Sunday, so my first week included December 2012.  I aim to print my photos out every Monday afternoon at Big W whilst doing the groceries post school run.  I then try to complete the week Tuesday night.  Lately, it has been getting later in the week as it has been hectic, but I am keeping up.  Which is the aim.  I have minimal embellishments – I stamp and use stickers & washi tape.  I am trying to use the Huey’s mists, but it usually ends up looking like my 2 year old did it..  Here is an example!

First attempt at a mist...

First attempt at a mist…


I hope you have enjoyed the pages and I hope even more so that you enjoy project life!  If you are a fence sitter – do it – you won’t regret it!  Keep it simple, and stick to the motto – “cultivate a good life and record it”.  Another incredibly cool person (Amy Tan) said to me the other week – “your kids won’t care what colour you used, or if it matches, they will just care that you documented it”.  So on that note – hope you enjoyed the blog hop.  And thank you for your visit 🙂

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Happy Happy Friday!