Let Go

Re-blogging this for a reminder to be kinder to myself, and to take ‘everything’ in. Enjoy the little things and also think of the big things. Happy Monday 🙂

Moloney Mayhem 🙂

A few years ago, there was a great song by Frou Frou – Let Go.  I am not great at determining song meanings, but I really think this song is about humanity, and what it is like to love, live and experience every day adventures.  I love the line ‘ there is beauty in the breakdown’ – as it rings true with me constantly.  I can honestly say, that as a mother of four, I loose my crap, and do ‘break down’.  It might be over spilt milk, or another sibling fight.  But in that moment, and for every moment, I am beautiful and amazing to my kids. The relevance here?  Give me a few minutes of your time…
My four kids are going to have their perception of beauty and self image modelled by me (no pun intended!).  I am pretty crap at accepting a compliment, have next…

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The Anatomy of a Day

This week, I am completing the Week in the Life project by Ali Edwards.  I love the idea behind this and a big part of why I blog here is so I don’t forget the little things.  This project focuses on what we do, how we do, and a bit of why we do, every day, for seven days in a row – or a week.  I am finding it interesting to say the least and am taking a lot of photos.  I know that I already have a fairly well formed routine, but it is interesting coming at it from a different angle – telling all the stories that happen in a day, be it routine or otherwise.

If I break up a day, right down to even an hourly time line, so much happens!  Monday morning, the week begins.  I went in to sort out the triplets – so help select appropriate clothes for Kindy (otherwise Caitlyn would wear a costume everyday) and get them ready.  We then trudge downstairs talking about what our dreams were of, and how much fun we are going to have today.  Their fun meter is always higher as they don’t have ‘boring mummy jobs and work’.  Nice.

This morning featured a nice little addition of having to shower Brendan and Emma courtesy of Caitlyn putting baby oil all through their hair (to make it shiny apparently).  Emma’s hair is almost to her bum.  Let’s just say, we washed her hair quite a few times, and I swore *a lot* under my breath.  Along with the baby oil, Caitlyn decided to draw on the door that divides their room and wardrobe.  We had this build 2 years ago when they kept breaking in and throwing *everything* out on the floor – nappies, clothes, wipes, you name it.  It was tiring.  So the door was put in.  It is a saloon type door.  Well, they are taller, much taller now, and can open it.  Yay.  So we have a bit of hiding of things in there and getting to them in the morning (fruit, biscuits, lego).  Anyway, she drew on the door.  After our talks last week and the ‘installation’ of the chalk board downstairs she knew she could not draw on the walls anymore – but this was a door.  So apparently it was different.  Ho hum.  And it is not even a picture, just scribble, which is not like her.


So after the interruption of having to shower two kids it was back to normal things like lunch prep.


And yes, I go through A LOT of fruit!  Packing bags, getting hair ready (girls) and teeth brushing comes next.


We all then pile into the car, and call Jase. This morning I asked for a photo of them all before we got in the car.  After about 20 shots, I got one reasonable one –


Every morning on Mondays – Wednesday’s we call Jase from the car.  The kids take turns, and mostly talk over the top of each other, but it is good time of day to get everyone to share their stories of what they are going to do.  For some time now I have been asking Brendan (aka Beebo) where his brain is today (mainly because he is so absent minded, and goofy).  On Monday he had us in stitches.  I mean absolute hysterics.  He said his brain was in the car over there (pointing next to us).  We left it at that, as commonly his answers are, in the fridge, in his bones, on the roof, in the fridge as it is hot, or on the moon  – you get the picture.  When we drove off, he started by saying ‘oh no come back with my brain car, my brain is driving away’.  It was hilarious and I am so glad that Jason was on the phone to hear it, because it would not be as funny told the second time (even here!!).

We drop Hayden off first, and he has his routine.  He goes to each window and says goodbye to everyone, and Caitlyn always says “have a good school Hayden” which I think is adorable.  She is starting to realise that it is not the correct grammar, and trying to work out how to correct it.  I will be a little sad when she does.

Then it is kindy drop off.  The kids are focusing on learning to write and using the correct grip.  Brendan does not really care, where as the girls do.  They concentrate and try to get it right.


After that is done, they have to put all their things away and wash their hands, put on their hats and go play.  Monday was a scorcher here, and I think it was around 32 degrees at 9am.  I put a second ‘coat’ of sunscreen on them!  Then, after 9, I leave them to their thing.

My day is then focused on work.  So I get stuck into it, and always am surprised when it is 215pm and time to prepare ‘snacks in the car’ for eating while waiting for Hayden as they have dancing at 345pm on Mondays. Snacks in the car are a big treat, and they are different every week.  This week, as it was so hot, we had some nice cold grapes (I took an ice brick even!) some popcorn, and some rice crackers and sultanas.  And cold water.  They are happy enough to eat it in the car and know that when we get home they have to get changed for dancing.


So then it is time for dancing.  And after their concert on the weekend they were a bit excited to see everyone and talk about the concert.


Hayden & I then headed to do some groceries.  Monday nights we always have ‘random things from the fridge’ – so chicken, cheese, cherry tomatoes, gherkins, and anything else – ham/salami and fruit.


Enderman even came shopping with us!  I also love this little bit of time with just Hayden.  I get to hear him talk a mile a minute about any and everything and not have to fight for my attention.  It is pretty special.

Then we had the heat finally break with a corker of a storm.  Amazing lightening display and a downpour almost from nowhere!  The afternoon then becomes early evening and it is tea time.  Followed by bath and bed time.


Then the trio {finally} go to bed.  And actually sleep.  And Hayden gets a little bit of one on one time with me as well.  Then he is going to bed (still with his doby) and I almost fall into bed asleep as well.  But, I try to stay up, get a bit of work done, and do the boring things like cleaning up, putting bins out and getting ready for tomorrow.  And all of this in one day.  And that is not including all the stories of today.  Like the kids leaving their clothes *right next too* the laundry hamper.  Not in it, on it, but near it.  Drives me bonkers.


Or the singing of “if you are happy and you know it” and twinkle twinkle little star.  Or Hayden reading Cinderella to his siblings at bed time, not because he likes it, but because they do.  Or the kids, at bed time, wanting their kiss, hug, huggies and tickles before they are even able to remotely think about sleep.  Or brushing Emma’s hair again, and again, to make sure there is no more baby oil.  Or listening to Hayden talking about his school project, drifting off mid sentence of what he is saying and seeing him in 10 years time, tall, strong, and still passionate about dinosaurs.  The text messages through the day from Jase, sometimes our only form of communication all day.  The texts from friends.  Reading and deciphering emails.  So much screen time in all that we do now!  The groceries, the choices, and how I stick to what I know and use the same brands over and over.   How I find myself sitting at traffic lights and looking (with a non-stalkery glance) at the cars opposite me and wonder what they are doing, or what their life is like on Mondays, or any day for that matter.  Wondering when it will get less ‘busy’ and less ‘noisy’.  Probably never.  Wondering always about remembering everything. Hoping that maybe today the kids will actually listen to me and I won’t have to pull out the cranky voice.  And then it is a new day.  And much of it is repeated, but some of it never again.  The anatomy of my day is unique each and every day.  And I am glad to take the time to analyse it a little more by doing ‘A Week in the Life’.  I am also glad when it is time for sleep!


Boy meets blog

I had a moment of stunned silence the other day.  Hayden came running into my room, and was crying.  I was initially worried that something was wrong, as he is not a cryer.  He came up to me, and hugged me and said thank you.  I was a bit blown away because I could not think immediately think what/why he was thanking me – and so I asked what was going on.  Here is how the story goes –

“Mum, I was googling Google images of Hayden Moloney and I found this place called Moloney Mayhem.  And I didn’t know you did that.  And I read the one that came up about me and I did not know that you thought I was so brave, or that you were saying that stuff last year about my last day at school (post here) or about how I am a good big brother.  I thought that it was just like normal to have a brain library, or to do some of the stuff we do as a family”.  “I think it is so cool that you do it Mummy, and I am going to read it all now”.

I was gob smacked.  Here is my 7 year old, googling himself (a milestone/occurrence I was not ready for) that had found my blog, read a story about himself and been thankful about it.  We had a very lengthy discussion about how he feels about having his story out there and importantly pictures of himself.  He has no problem but I have reiterated that if he changes his mind, I will stop.  He loves this “Mayhem Thing”  and is taking great delight in reading things about our family.  He was so touched (for want of a better word) about my birthday post for him.  He liked how he was the first one to hear my heart beat from the inside, and loved the picture of us both minutes after his birth – because, and in his words, it was more than the picture mum, it was what you felt too (I think my heart melted at that moment).  All these stories he reckons, are made even cooler, because I have written them down.  “Mum, we won’t forget them now”.  Smart kid.

I actually started this blog to record my musings.  Mainly because I know how busy I am, but also because the convenience of a computer cannot be beat half the time.  I work a fair bit in front of a screen, so it is a relationship of convenience.  It has been already sentimental living and re-reading through the posts with Hayden again.  He has not read all of them, not by a long shot – but he has read some.  He particularly likes the fact that it was much easier for him to stop using a Dummy/Nukka Nukka then the trio; and that he is the big brother.  Now, I am even more compelled to keep writing.  Because, this, right now, is the every day.  And I know we will all forget the little things.

I think the goal posts are going to change constantly with this motherhood thing.  Particularly with the highly digital/social media age we live in.  Hayden does not spend hours in front of a screen, and what access he does have there is always Jason or myself around to supervise.  I want to make sure that what interaction he has online is safe.  And that is the uncontrollable part of the big wild world of internet.  So, right now, I am having to think about all the things he could see, and work around that.  Without blowing childhood innocence and curiosity.  A work in progress – for many years to come I am guessing.

And here is a random photo, of Hayden, being Hayden – an awesome big brother, and forever my little monkey biscuit.



One thing I hope that I can start with my family are traditions ~ things that my kids can look back on when they are a little older and know that some things really are *special* to us as a family – and I guess unique.

For the fourth year now, Hayden and Jason have been Broncos members. They love it. It gives Hayden some one on one time without the three inquisitive and somewhat noisy siblings, and gives him some great time with his dad!

I often ask what they talk about. And I get the same response from both “footy, marvel superheroes, lego, and just stuff”.

They have their own routine. Bus from Chermside, where Hayden pretty much talks the whole way or is asleep! Half time in the members area where Hayden knows the way all by himself (not that he does it alone) has his spot where he sits (seriously the same place each game) and has a paddle pop. He and Jason have such a good time!

Hayden has gone from being an occasional observer (he would often get to half time and be a bit bored) to someone who avidly watches the whole game.

He is really growing up, and I do think that I have to stop calling him a little boy and just stick with boy. He is seven, but so aware of life, and routine. He is amazing.

Part of the tradition of the season membership is taking a photo for the first home game.


Hers is this years, with an Emma photobomb!

This year Jason is going to take a triplet each home game – just one. And keep it special. Next year we might have to buy more seats!! The membership is Jason’s Father’s Day present each year. I think it’s a great gift and enables them to have special daddy time.

I really hope when the kids are older, the remember things like the first home game, and the special time they get with their dad there.

Here’s hoping!

This Guy –> Hayden!

My little fella and all around little buddy is growing up – quickly!  He is an amazing little boy (I guess all parents say that though) who is older than his years (all of six!!).  He has a very astute insight into our world, and often comments on things that I just did not think he would understand.  He is quick witted (Jase was just trash talking one day – his response – “yeah?  Well you’re a mother duck with ducklings” still cracks me up! 

He has achieved so much already in his life and words cannot express how proud I am of him, nor how much I love this little dude.  My little monkey biscuit, who has heard my heart from the inside – who still holds my hand because he knows I love it. 


This is a little dude, who had the arrival of not one but *three* siblings all at once.  He was three (their age now!) when they arrived and I did not get one tantrum.  Even now the kid has more patience than I do some days.  He said the other day when they were ganging up on me “Don’t worry mum, they go to bed soon”!!!  I had to laugh!  If you have met the trio, you know that they are not naughty or malicious in their play – it is always about fun and games.  They just outnumber me and tend to take things that step further.  And are cheeky.  And then some. 

So Hayden finished up school the other day – he has been at school now for two years!  Prep and Grade 1!!


(This photo is part of my December Daily and I have used the Ali Edward’s templates and photoshop)

I think I had a few tears on his last day.  He has grown so much this year – both socially and academically.  He is reading at an advanced level – not because we push it on him, but because he loves it.  He loves learning, and loves being able to find the information in books and adding them to his “Brain Library”.  He has completed a year of Joey Scouts and has loved the camaraderie and team work associated with it.  His teacher was in love with him – yep really.  We asked him what he wanted to get her for a thank you present – He did think about it and came back with flowers.  His reason “Mrs C loves them and I don’t think she would get them very often as she is here so much, so I think that it would be a very nice gift”.  Good call little buddy!


In this year alone, Hayden has lost four teeth (two in the last week) and grown around 10 cms.  He has increased his vocabulary ten fold, and has grown ‘up’ so much.  He is still such a little boy in some ways, then in others, so grown up.  He knows what money is and how some people have ‘enough’ and others ‘not enough’.  He understands that some things are very expensive.  He is amazing.  He saw a remote control helicopter that he desperately wanted when he was about 4/5 and we said no.  He worked out why we said no when he saw the price – $500!!  His comment ‘Now I understand why you and Daddy said no”!!.



He lost his first top tooth (courtesy of a bang on the water slide – so much cheaper than the dentist!!) while we were camping.  He lost his second top tooth Friday night!


Sometimes, when we are out and about, Hayden gets overlooked as he is not one of the triplets.  People want to talk to them and not him.  Those people are missing out, because Hayden is very much a part of the triplets.  He is their big brother and has an indescribable and unbreakable bond with each of them!  Hayden knows *everything* about them as much as I do sometimes!  He knows when they fed, and how I fed them!  I am personally not a big fan of the questions when I am out – I cannot tell you how many times I have been asked if they are ‘natural’ (to which I commonly retort – no they are robots) or if I am sure they are triplets as they are not identical.  A good one (which even Hayden was laughing AT the person about the other day) recently was “Are you sure they are triplets, they only look like twins”.  Uhm, yep, am sure – three babies, three placentas….go figure.  I did not answer at first (if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say it…) and Hayden answered.  He said ‘Excuse me (love that he uses manners!), Triplets are three, not two.  Twins is only two babies’.  The person quickly walked away.  Wit like his mumma right there 🙂

I can’t wait to see more and watch more of the person Hayden is growing into.  He is amazing already – and I know that he will hang on to his bottle of awesome sauce!  He will always be a big brother, and I think he will always be a brilliant one.  He is protective, kind and incredibly patient – without being asked to be.  He knows it is not his job to herd triplets, or ‘look after’ them – but he does it from time to time; and always when we are crossing roads etc.  He is a caring little soul, who has so much life experience already it astounds me!  It is bittersweet watching your kids grow up – part of you always wants them to be the little boy who always wanted to hold your hand, and sang to you, while the other part can’t wait to see ‘what is next’. 


He is still so little in a few ways – he still sleeps with Doby, and I still have to sing him a lullaby every night.  He won’t go to sleep without either.  He also still has to have a nightlight.  But his room changes so much – out with Thomas, in with Skylanders.  The dinosaurs are still there, and then there are the books. Everywhere.  Everywhere!

It is his seventh Christmas this year – and each year it is more exciting for him.  I want that wonder, excitement and joy to stick around for a long time!  He has a list this year (so cute, handwritten!) that consists of –

A remote controlled spider

A remote controlled snake

A remote controlled dinosaur

Minecraft poster

Matchbox car (any, but I love green)

I love reading his list!  He drew pictures this year as well, and he is labeling all his ‘diagrams’ as “that’s what palaeontologists do”.  He jumps out of bed every day to see what Charlie (our elf on the shelf) has done ‘this time’.  He asked Jason the other day (he won’t ask me!) if Charlie was real or if it was just Mummy doing it every night – he said he did not care if it was me as it was so cool, but he believed us that Charlie is real!


Hayden, you are so special!  I can’t wait to see what the next 12 months bring.  You are such a delight and bring so SO much joy into our lives.  You will always be my little monkey biscuit though!




Batman, in training!

So this is how I found Hayden sleeping the other night when I went into check on him (its cold, kids kick blankets off…)


I had to take a picture – bad mum yeah yeah….as this is priceless! He’s never done it before!

When I showed him the next day, he said (like it was totally obvious) ‘mum, superheroes have to train, I’m training to be batman’.

This kid is just hilarious! Obviously in the mind of a six year old, this is exactly how one trains for superherodom. I hope that innocence and delight doesn’t tarnish any time soon – Hayden you’re a little dude!

So, if this should still be accessible in 12-15 years his identify is revealed. If not, Brisbane has a batman! So muggers and general baddies be forewarned!!!


Hayden lost his first tooth last week – May 31 to be precise!

He had a wiggly tooth (lower left number 23) for a few weeks. He saw the school dentist who advised that it might have to be extracted if it didn’t fall out itself as the new ‘big boy’ tooth was growing behind it.

So, a few weeks passed, and a thousand apples and muslei bars later, still no tooth out! So, we had to book him into the dentist to have it extracted 😦


So here’s Hayden in the chair 🙂 he was amazing! Not scared, only complained once when the local injection went in – “ooh that hurt a bit”. In his usual manner he charmed the dentist and the dental nurse who both commented on how resilient he was and how funny. One of Hayden’s comments – ‘it’s been a rough day today, I think I need a spa bath’!!!

So here is the after shot –


The dental nurse called to check on him on Saturday (and was rather sad that she couldn’t talk to him as he was out at scouts!!!!) and again reiterated how amazing he was!!

So my special boy has now lost his first tooth! The tooth fairy came – he was very very excited! Another milestone done 😦