Let Go

Re-blogging this for a reminder to be kinder to myself, and to take ‘everything’ in. Enjoy the little things and also think of the big things. Happy Monday 🙂

Moloney Mayhem 🙂

A few years ago, there was a great song by Frou Frou – Let Go.  I am not great at determining song meanings, but I really think this song is about humanity, and what it is like to love, live and experience every day adventures.  I love the line ‘ there is beauty in the breakdown’ – as it rings true with me constantly.  I can honestly say, that as a mother of four, I loose my crap, and do ‘break down’.  It might be over spilt milk, or another sibling fight.  But in that moment, and for every moment, I am beautiful and amazing to my kids. The relevance here?  Give me a few minutes of your time…
My four kids are going to have their perception of beauty and self image modelled by me (no pun intended!).  I am pretty crap at accepting a compliment, have next…

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Currently Creative

I am smiling as I type these words as I now know how to crochet!  Basic stuff, small baby steps – but I CAN do it!  It has had me confused and confounded for a long time.  Thanks to a You Tube video I have mastered the Granny Square.  Now there was frustration, unraveling and lots of swear words.  And now, I hear the lady’s voice in my head when I crochet “put your yarn around your hook” over and over!  I have made quite a few granny squares now, and am currently working on a blanket.  Simple, just a never ending granny square –


This is about 40cm x 40cm already.  It is far from perfect, but I am loving it.  I have also booked myself in for a few lessons to work my way around the foundation chain that I am struggling with!

Here are my first few granny’s 🙂


I have been baking (as usual) and am really enjoying making bread and bread rolls again.  The kids love them!


And finally, my other big love, Project Life.  I was stupidly behind and managed to catch up a great deal with the new PL App.  I got the pages printed at Persnickety Prints, they arrived this week and are amazing!



So while I may have lots of works in progress, I am loving them all.  I am starting to plan my Christmas cards – and have just seen the gorgeous stamp set I will be using – you can see them here 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

Art – Subjective Right?!

We have many varying forms of art in our house – from paper based, to wall based, to face based (makeup by brothers!) and the streaming into footwear art.

Not all of it is a good thing.  I will never forget last year when Caitlyn was bursting with excitement to show me her art.  She dragged me outside and said “ta-dah” pointing to this –



We suddenly had a 2m ‘canvas’ of various stickers, textas, crayons and coloured pencils.  Well played Caitlyn, well played!  I did not have the heart to wash it off, and it is still there – all be it somewhat faded.  She still smiles when she sees it.

Leads us to the walls inside.  They have had a beating over the past 2 years.  It has really only been a few times.  But usually when a ‘foreigner’ is watching them-  so thankfully not very often.  They have gotten Granny a few times – run off, been quiet, and have remodeled the wall for me.  Lovely hues of red, pinks and yellows (dead give away to who did it!).  When Caitlyn worked out she was getting caught because it was always in pink, she decided to do a little wall art in blue in Hayden’s room.  Kinda all over his wall really.  In blue, to try and blame Brendan.  She did not realise that Brendan was actually with me the whole time the ‘art’ occurred and as such, it could not have been him.  Nice try though.

Caitlyn and Emma have a love for colours.  I still am not sure exactly who is the culprit for this – as the second time they did it they washed their hands afterwards so I could not tell who did it.  And they still won’t say who was responsible.  I have narrowed it down to the girls.  Great detective skills I have hah.



Just a little neon art (thanks to my craft supplies and the convenience of a spray bottle for them!).  They did not stop at the wall however.  They gave my boots a ‘go’ –


I actually have not tried to remove it.  I love my boots – they are older than Hayden, and they are so comfortable.  Yep, they need a clean.  But they look lovely and neon-y right?

Now the face art.  I was, admittedly very surprised when I overheard Hayden volunteer himself to putting on make up for Caitlyn.  She has make up from her Hello Kitty Showbag from the EKKA.  It is eyeshadow only, so I figured there was not a great deal of harm to be had.  They all stepped outside to their cubby house (admittedly, alarm bells were sounding).  Hayden came inside some time later absolutely wetting himself laughing.  He had done Caitlyn’s makeup – as Elsa as requested, but he had written ‘Idiot’ in eyeshadow in her forehead.  Now that is hilarious.  By the time I got a photo (she was running all over the place and touching it) it looked less like ‘idiot’ but I could still make it out –


Hayden was in hysterics.  Then, it was like a realisation hit him.  “Mum, stop her, before she gets to the mirror to check it”.  I asked him why – “she will be able to see I wrote idiot” – then I reminded him that she could not read yet.  And then, and only then, was he relieved.  Which I found even more hilarious!

I cannot wait to see what else they will start doing to each other – all in the name of sibling love.  I won’t tolerate blatant cruelty – not that they have ever done it, but sometimes they start to take a joke too far and it is always nipped in the bud.  They are just hilarious though.  And I often wonder if it is only my four that get into so much mischief.  The triplets room has a hole in the wall still from their ‘bridgewalk’ (they go the slats from their bed that were not nailed down and made a bridge) and the slats on their beds are now all nailed down.  They still have a 3/4 door separating them from their ward drobe so they cannot get in there and wreak havoc (like throwing all the clothes out, or now that they are older, putting them all on and dressing up at 2am).  Hayden’s room still has Caitlyn’s drawing on one spot as he wanted to keep it.  Needless to say, we will be repainting next year!

As frustrating and time consuming as the antics of the trio can be, I don’t think I will ever know what it is like to wake up to my two best buddies every day.  These guys giggle and talk conspiratorially every morning when they wake up.  So many times I have sat at the door and tried to hear them.  It is beyond cute.  When we go camping Hayden sleeps with them and the four of them do it.  We are trying to separate Brendan to go into Hayden’s room as he wants too. But every time we try too, he misses his sisters too much.  Guess it is that innate triplet bond.

With the sibling bond of all four there is a ‘don’t dob’ mantra.  None of them will turn in the real culprit, unless it is something bad.  Even if the threat of no icecream is made, they still won’t.  I hope that they continue to be that close when they grow up, I really do.  They are quite happy to pick on each other and tease (do not ever do it to them or you will have an almighty wrath!!) but they are fiercely protective of each other (Hayden included).  It must be so cool knowing that you have the back up of three behind you!  Leads me to the point of always being outnumbered again…ho hum!

Happy Friday!


I just love the wonder and delight of children. A view totally untainted by anything! Flowers are wondrous and you can spend all day looking at them! Same as clouds! And the laughter, I wish it could be bottled! I just love hearing my kids laugh. It’s the loveliest sound 🙂

When my kids have a nap, I love that when they wake up they are so happy to see you – I get surrounded by them – all wanting a ‘huggle’ and a kids and with them all saying over and over ‘mummy mummy, hi mummy!’ With the occasional ‘luff you’ in the mix. It’s indescribable how noisy it is and how no matter how crappy a day you are having, this can lift your spirits. And it’s not just Brendan, Emma and Caitlyn that do that! Hayden, bless his beautiful soul, still is so happy to see you when he wakes up, or when he hasn’t seen you. It’s just beautiful, I wonder how long it will last for.

In an effort to try and remember all of this, and little quirks like ‘apple trees’ I am competing Project Life. I have completed week two and am so happy with the simplicity and format. I really don’t realise sometimes how much we fit into a week on this moloney mayhem!!! This week I used a mini kit from Polka Dot Creative and a few little bits from Seafoam from Becky Higgins. The kit was not something I normally would have used – and that is why I really wanted to use it! I think it looks great – and I even used parts of the packaging in my pages!!





I really think this is such a wonderful way to capture our lives. We are all so busy, and I do focus on the things that are not south fun like work so often that I forget what else fills up my day! I also am impressed with the time factor – this page is simple, and that is the aim, so it doesn’t take long. This took about ~40 mins? And most of that was my indecision!!!

I hope to look at each week differently now with Project Life in mind. I know I take enough photos, and I just need to make it all mean more than a picture! I have been looking at other people’s pages and getting so much inspiration! It is amazing how many different takes there are on similar things!

In other news, toilet training is starting – Toilet Training Triplets – TTT!! It’s very novel and I suspect it’s going to take quite a while! Try listening to three giggling toddlers and keep a straight face! They all stripped down nuddy too!!


So stay tuned to how many accidents there are!!

The Moloney’s also have two new pets – we rescued two adult cats from the RSPCA last week. Nelix (6) and Sushi (1) (who was named Suki but kids can’t say it!). They are both adjusting well and are very lovely!!



Moloney Mayhem is so fitting!

Happy Tuesday everyone 🙂

Project Life

What an eventful day! I finally got my project life goodies – and have been impatiently waiting for them! I couldn’t wait to see the paper and see how seemingly effortless this form of memory keeping is.


I ordered the Amber kit & album, only because it was the only matching set in the store! It is lovely! I do think I will mix it up though and get a few different varieties.

I sat down, feeling overwhelmed and unsure, an used the guide for placement for the title page. Bear in mind I had seen some amazing title pages that are so beautiful and intricate, that I was worried! Instead, I opted for the simplicity this project offers, it’s supposed to be simple, it’s supposed to be achievable every week, it’s made that way – right?!! So here is my basic title page (which I actually love!)


Title page done and dusted I figured I should start. Traditionally there are no real rules, some people do weeks, others do months. I thought I would do an introduction page. On the 9th I took pictures of my family as I had envisaged a title page with us all on it..didn’t end up like that but I still wanted to use the pictures and also capture my enthusiasm for starting project life! So I have used the 6 x 4 in the core kit, and pics of the six of us. Can’t see the love hearts I have done on the kids card stock, but I know it’s there and I totally love it!! I have even used stamps and paper piercing – which is great! So here is the left hand side –


And the right hand side with the kids –


So now to organised photos to get in and complete week one! I have some, but I seem to take a lot more vertical than horizontal photos so will need to get creative at displaying them!

I can really see how beautiful it would be to have an album dedicated to a year! Something for sure that I would love looking back upon – especially as my days seem to be so constantly busy it’s hard to pull the ‘stuff’ out to preserve. PL will totally fix that!

December Daily

Every year for many years I have wanted to complete the December Daily – it is basically a daily breakdown of the often craziest month of the year.  So much happens in December!  For December 2012 I have started!  Which is amazing!  I have actually bought and covered an album, and started on the pages – here is what I have so far….

Fabric covered album

Fabric covered album

Some of the pages that I have completed :)

Some of the pages that I have completed 🙂

12/12/2012 12:12

Fun day!

Fun day!




I am not sure where the idea originated for the December Daily, but there is a large number of people that complete it, and share their pages as they go!  I am no where near finished, but  I have started, and have done a good 13 pages!  There is something wonderful about preserving the seemingly ‘mundane’ or ordinary events.  Much of what I do every day is similar, and I love that I have captured some of that in this – in ten years time I know it will be just a mind bending read!!  There is also  great visual array on Instragram if you are looking 🙂

My daily kit is pretty basic I think in comparison to some.  But that is the idea – KISS so that you actually DO it!  I ordered mine from Polka Dot Creative a site I kinda stumbled on trying to find something basic for a December Daily…check out the blog as well as there are heaps of ideas for craft of all sorts.  I went with the Studio Calico Christmas set and binder.  I covered the binder with fabric (with a bit of wadding underneath) and I am really happy with it!

I am absolutely busting to get my Project Life kit – I have ordered it….8 days ago….and am not very patient right now!  I really want to start it!  I have so many ideas, and am already seeing many people’s first week of Project Life – I guess I could use my stash (for sure I could) but the kit is so much prettier and well, the guess work is taken care of!  I have ordered the Amber  kit and have visions for the Clementine edition.  I just want to get it and start!

I am glad that I am finding and making the time to create a little each day.  I think it is going to be  stellar year!  I have such a stash of goodies that I am keen to start using – I have some kits that have not been opened since I bought them pre-triplets!  So much to create!  Little steps, little steps.