Currently Creative

I am smiling as I type these words as I now know how to crochet!  Basic stuff, small baby steps – but I CAN do it!  It has had me confused and confounded for a long time.  Thanks to a You Tube video I have mastered the Granny Square.  Now there was frustration, unraveling and lots of swear words.  And now, I hear the lady’s voice in my head when I crochet “put your yarn around your hook” over and over!  I have made quite a few granny squares now, and am currently working on a blanket.  Simple, just a never ending granny square –


This is about 40cm x 40cm already.  It is far from perfect, but I am loving it.  I have also booked myself in for a few lessons to work my way around the foundation chain that I am struggling with!

Here are my first few granny’s 🙂


I have been baking (as usual) and am really enjoying making bread and bread rolls again.  The kids love them!


And finally, my other big love, Project Life.  I was stupidly behind and managed to catch up a great deal with the new PL App.  I got the pages printed at Persnickety Prints, they arrived this week and are amazing!



So while I may have lots of works in progress, I am loving them all.  I am starting to plan my Christmas cards – and have just seen the gorgeous stamp set I will be using – you can see them here 🙂

Happy Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Currently Creative

  1. Love you girl – go go go – I know – “anything” is possible – ( warning from a 70’s girl – Do NOT crotchet bikinis!!!!)


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