Road Trip :)

Well we are off camping again. This time in our new (second hand!) caravan. We have headed to Yamba again and the kids have been counting sleeps for weeks!


The road trip consisted of many thousand "are we there yet's?!" And a stop at the Macadamia Castle. Yep a castle named after a nut…

We got to see some beautiful owls and reptiles and some "ahh mummy they're so cooote" referring to the rabbits!

Saw this stunning Tawny Frog Mouth


And Caitlyn’s favourite Owl –


After a bit of putt putt (at which I got a hole in one and Brendan was pretty darn good at!) we set back to head to Yamba.

Loads and loads of roadworks….and two peppa pig DVD’s (and I know many of you guesstimate time in Peppa Pig episodes!!) and we were there – finally!!!




So here is too a holiday of fun!!!

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