And August is GONE!

Wow, a whole month (and a bit) since my last post!

Time is certainly zooming on by.  We have had such a chaotic few months!  Routine strongly embedded in every day life, with the adjuncts of kids, school stuff, scouts and the occasional bit of sleep!  Jase had a holiday overseas with one of his mates to celebrate the completion of his masters – and he went to some pretty cool places!

On one day – 

His view – 


And mine – 



So we had a couple of weeks of no sleep enforcer (Dad’s job!) and crazy times.  But we all got through!  I think every kid was sick at least once while Dad was a way as well – Murphy’s law!

I have fallen behind in my PL which is irritating me!  I have the photo’s printed, just have not had the time as yet.  Am slowing getting there.  I have started the week of the trios birthday – so yep, I am only up to July!!  Ah well, will catch up!  

Today I am a guest blogger on the wonderful Jodie from Polkadotcreative 🙂  It is a post on the Father’s day book I made Jason from all of us.  His present, as is tradition for the past three years, is season membership to the Bronco’s, so I have written that in there as well.  I always like to put in a photo of where it all started as Dad for him – this year, I went with this – 



The cover looked like this – 


You can see my guest post here

So this is but a short catch up – I will post my PL weeks soon – I have even snuck in a trip to Melbourne with my friends to see P!nk!  Got some amazing shots too – and that girl can sing!



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