First Hair Cut :)


Little Miss Caitlyn had her very first haircut today. I know, another milestone! Gone is her ranga ringlet mullet; replaced with a curly ranga bob. It’s absolutely gorgeous and she looks like such a big girl now!!!


She was incredibly patient, and took great delight in having her hair cut. She sat still, and loved checking herself out in the mirror!!!




She’s incredibly impressed with her haircut – ‘it’s pretty’ is a common line! Brendan got his second haircut, and Miss Emma, with hair more than half way down her back; opted for a trim. The hairdresser was amazed at both Emma & Caitlyn’s hair – not just at how polar opposite they are in colour, but how they both have curly hair (although Emma’s not so much with the length) and about three different colours naturally in their hair (like me!).

Emma was very good – sat still and was very happy with just ‘a little cut’ as she loves her long hair!!!



So now I have four little envelopes with the locks of hair from their first haircuts! It is another milestone been and gone…with Caitlyn & Emma being the oldest to get their first haircuts.

So, we walked out of the hairdresser yesterday with two envelopes of ‘first locks’ and $140 less in our wallets (five haircuts) and four happy kids! Priceless!!!


2 thoughts on “First Hair Cut :)

  1. Ali, these milestones pass so quickly and I’m really glad (and you will be too) that you are logging them. I said I would remember and write things down but life got in the way and it never happened. Keep up the good (read excellent) work and record, record, record, because it passes faster than the blink of an eye. You are a “great” mum and be proud of your achievements; I’m proud of you x0x


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