Introducing Captain Obvious

A special little post about just one of my kids for a change. This time its Brendan. Hilarious story (as they always are!) about his new nickname 🙂


Brendan was playing…as kids do…fell over and hit his head. He gets up (and yeah, the fall was witnessed) and says ‘mum, I hit my head’ in his dopey goofy voice he puts on! I said ‘good one Captain Obvious, are you ok?’ He’s response – ‘haha I’m a captain’!!!! So now it’s a running joke. Emma falls over, Brendan reports to someone ‘Emma has fallen over, I’m a captain, captain obvious’!!! It’s hilarious!

The kids even get in on it now – Emma said today (at lunch time) ‘it’s lunch time, then paused, and said, I’m not captain obvious, Brendan is’!!!

It’s just a quirky little name and a quirky little voice that B does ~ he’s a clown and loves getting anyone to laugh. He’s such a sweet kid – a little harangued by his sisters some days, but he is growing into a little boy ( with feet almost the same size as his six year old brother) and a laugh that is infectious. He’s a dude, and he’s our captain!!!

This photo was taken by the very talented Kate Scott at Baby Boo Studios 🙂

It’s amazing to see how different all four kids can be – B is in his own little world and is such a boy ~ if it has walls or a door it can be climbed! He’s such a gentle soul though, and is the first one to offer solace and comfort to an injured sibling.

He idolises Hayden, and loves fireman Sam. He would eat honey sandwiches and bananas for his entire life and be happy. He has no fear, is the first to kiss you when he sees you in the morning (morning mummy!) and has issues with cake – as in every day should be a cake day.

My little captain is pretty cool 🙂


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