Amy Tangerine Visit ~> Lovely!

The wonderfully talented (and amazingly nice!!) Amy Tan visited Spotlight stores recently in Australia.  I was lucky enough to get to one of the stores to meet her, and a few of the Project Life Australia Group people in ‘real’ life!  It was awesome!

I had rung the store weeks prior to check and ‘book’ a seat, and yep, in true Ali style, had called and re-checked four times.  I think they were sick of me calling – mind you the first call they had no idea Amy was coming!  Anyway, Jase was unfortunately working – despite me begging for him to get the day off!!  So, after much planning, pleading and begging got enough people in to look after munchkins and pick up Haydos 🙂  All was good.  It was a mammoth effort to get out of the door in ‘nice’ clothes without being swarmed with sticky fingers and snotty grotty noses!!  Anyway, I arrived half an hour early as I was so worried about missing a seat or not getting a park!  So, I got to see the set up and sit down and catch up on my words with friends games!

I have made a day book (from Amy’s range naturally) and here are some shots from it –

Inside - personalised just for me :)

Inside – personalised just for me 🙂




My moment of stardom - Amy took a photo of my PL as it had the info card in it from Becky Higgin's Core kits....

My moment of stardom – Amy took a photo of my PL as it had the info card in it from Becky Higgin’s Core kits….






So none of my make and take’s are going to be ever used – haha!  The card is stuck down here, but the tags *could* be removed if I wanted to….but they are so special!  Amy blogged about her Brisbane visit here and it featured a few pictures from the Everton Park store and of me & my PL which I felt like a rockstar about!  You can see it here.

Sorry for the picture overload – trust me, this is not all of them!  I actually got these all printed from Persnickety Prints – their quality is amazing, so I think I will be using them a great deal more -especially seeing as they do the wonderful PL rounded corners!

So to Amy – a very very big –

Thanks Amy!

Thanks Amy!


6 thoughts on “Amy Tangerine Visit ~> Lovely!

  1. Ali, i LOVE this! You have done such an awesome job. lol, such an honour to be included in your daybook – glad i brushed my hair that day 🙂 I didn’t see the Amy Tangerine apron – would have tried to tackle and steal it too otherwise. did you machine stitch your daybook? Again, i LOVE LOVE LOVE what you’ve done, it’s absolutely gorgeous xx


  2. Great blog post! Your minibook is fab. It was a little like meeting a rockstar, wasn’t it. It was lovely to meet you that day.


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