It’s Tuesday Night…sigh…

Tuesday night is the most exciting night in our household.  Why?  Because Wednesday is the one day of daycare for the Trio!  Wednesday is the day full of opportunity where there is no need to share – anything – or wait on anyone, and is full wait for it – silence!

Preparation begins early for Daycare Day (or DD!!!).  The trio go to bed in their clothes (I hear collective gasps here) so that we can get up, have breakfast and GO!  It is a day full of fun and enjoyment for them – trust me, they love it!  It never ceases to amaze me however, when we pick them up from daycare the comments – ‘How do you do it?’, ‘They are exhausting’ and so on.  So for the price of $456 per fortnight, I get 7 solid hours (drop off at 8ish, pick up at 430, plus Hayden’s school run) to plough through work, have a proper cup of coffee that is not lukewarm, and not worry about who is in the kitchen for a day.

It is also a day for Hayden to have a little one on one time with Mum & Dad.  We both tend to be home in the afternoon and get him from school to spend time with just him before getting the trio.  He loves it, and he now has Scouts on Wednesday’s also – which gives him even more time with one of us.  He is such an amazing kid – I am so incredibly proud of him taking in the big brother role as if triplets are normal!

I know that they are growing so fast, and I know that this too shall pass, but three almost three year olds quite literally defeat me daily now – they are a force to be reckoned with that is for sure.  Stubborn, independent and motor mouths!  I love them to pieces, and don’t ever want to forget the little things, but this one day is a day I need to recharge!

The latest triplet trash (our term for what they as a collective break) is the curtain rods.  Apparently, as Emma so pointedly told me, it is a swing.  Right…There are four curtains, each child was swing on one….can you imagine the rod?  It is totally bent.  Still in it’s socket thanks to Jase’s handiwork.  But sheesh.  What kids think of this?!  Every night I swear they are in cahoots as to what they can trash the next day.  Crazy!

So, last night as fatigue washed over me like a continual wave, and the were arguing over whose turn it was to get out of the bath first, my thoughts were….ten more minutes and they are in bed….and it is Tuesday night….Daycare Day tomorrow….Needless to say, Wednesday morning we spring out of bed with a sense of freedom approaching!

Onto the job stuff now…

Happy Wednesday 🙂

Trio of Trashers!!!

Trio of Trashers!!!

11 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday Night…sigh…

  1. Oh the memories….
    My heart bleeds for you – but they do grow so quickly and before you know it, they are all 30… Not 3… But the memories are still vivid….. Enjoy your day, you deserve it my friend xx


  2. Going to bed in clothes. Stroke of brilliance right there. I’m so going to do that. I am also borrowing your “Triplet trashed” phrase. Completely happens in this parts regularly. Daycare day sounds lovely. I’ve got a few moments to myself at the moment. I’ve sent the in home carer on a walk with the kids. La la la la!


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