Return of the routine…..

Week two of the term is done and dusted – leaving just seven left in this term! Crazy!! The school routine has well and truly returned to the Moloney Household – and its a good thing! The first few days were hard on the trio as they had really gotten used to having Hayden around all the time! But now, there is the priceless delight and sheer joy visible on their faces when they see Hayden at school pick up.

There is such a big difference from Prep to Grade One! We no longer have to collect Hayden from class – they all file out in an orderly fashion and Hayden even looks more ‘grown up’. It’s moments like that that really take my breath away – I’m amazed at how wonderfully unique and special Hayden is and how he has grown and matured already!

so, to keep up with my Project Life here is week five – a big week – (as usual I hear you say!) starting with floods and storms –





I am still loving the end result of each weeks completed layout – I get a great sense of achievement!

this week I was lucky enough to be featured on another blog by a very talented lady – Jodie Allen. Her page is here (and her store is also amazing!!). The little spiel on my layout is here.

i kinda feel like a rock star having my page on a super creative and super talented lady’s blog!! Thanks Jodie!

The other ‘famous’ news this week – the triplets made the paper with the Guide Dog puppies. Our copy was completely saturated so Quest are sending us copies – here is a rather bad shot of it that was proudly on display at the kids day care centre!


So that’s about our week!!!

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