Well, it has been more than a week, and honestly, it all feels chaotic!  I cannot believe it is almost the end of January.  Sounds dumb, but how fast is this year going already?    Hayden heads back to school next week, and I think he needs it.  He is frustrated no end with the mischievousness of his siblings – and trust me, they are getting cheekier!

Monday was Jason’s birthday.

Birthday Boy :)

Birthday Boy 🙂

We had a lovely day as a family, and I guess that was the good thing about Hayden still being on school holidays!  We had lunch out, and went to New Farm Park (amazing park!!) for a few hours, followed by Hog’s Breath (or the piggies as the kids refer to it) for tea.  As I do each birthday, I made the birthday person their choice of cake.  Jase chose a baked strawberry cheesecake.  It is delicious!

Here is making it –

Jason's birthday cake in the making

Jason’s birthday cake in the making

I am fairly certain Jase had a wonderful birthday – I hope so!  It is difficult with this many kids to allow a sleep in, but he did get one!

Last week we were lucky enough to get a glimpse (no pun intended) behind the scenes at the Guide Dogs Association of QLD.  There was a call put out through the multiple birth association that triplets, twins and quads were needed for a quirky take at the latest litters.  We were the triplet crew!  The gorgeous pups were just a delight, but even more delightful was the looks on my kids faces when seeing the pups and dogs.  It is an amazing organisation and they do so very much for so many people.  Our triplets were photographed with a ‘triplet’ litter and the photo will be used in local papers for advertising and calls for assistance in caring for the pups.  Hayden, although not used in the pics for advertising, was not left out, and got a very good tour through the facility and is very happy with what he has learned (it is all going in his secret agent book apparently!).  Here is but one of the cute pics snapped last week –

Triple trouble!

Triple trouble!

You might remember slidey beds?  Where the kids lifted up their slats and pushed their mattress down to make a slide? Well now, we have a new game – the little monkeys have ripped the flyscreen in their room (forcibly with Thomas and other associated take along trains) and proceeded to throw the said toys onto the carport which is below their bedroom window.  We heard a few bangs and wondered, as we do, ‘what the’, and upon investigation, amongst much giggling, found this –

the big piff!!

the big piff!!

Anything and everything was piffed onto the roof!  It is quite funny, and trust me, rousing on the kids for something that is quite ingenious and funny is difficult! Thing is, they think its super funny too and just crack up laughing!  Caitlyn we think was the instigator (shock, horror) and was trying to justify her actions – ‘noisy mummy daddy’ ‘funny’ ‘Brendan & Emma did it’ was just a few catch phrases!  So Jase got the kids up to get the toys down – in a completely safe manner as well!  Here is B getting some of the toys down –

B retrieving toys!

B retrieving toys!


I often wonder what they will do next!  It must be amazing having 2 back ups all the time.  They are so cute together when they want to be – yesterday Emma was going to have a nap during the day, and Caitlyn put her blanket over her and gave her a kiss – completely unprompted.  Very cute.  B & Caitlyn also have a very cute way of interacting – they are terrors together though!

I am staying on track with Project Life so far, and have completed week three.  I really enjoy doing it and am having a great time recording our day to day seemingly mundane stuff.  This is the stuff that I want to remember, not posed and prompted photos (while they are great, I want to keep the not so perfect stuff as usually it has more of a story!).  Here is my layout for week three – this week I used Becky Higgins Clementine pack – I have bought bits and pieces of this kit and LOVE it.  I think I will use this for doing an album for the girls and I.  I really really want to remember all the little things, the little toddlerisms, and words that they call things (I still LOVE apple trees!!)

Project Life, Week 3

Project Life, Week 3

PL week 3

PL week 3


PL Week 3

PL Week 3

PL Week 3

PL Week 3


I love the pictures I have used this week – and love the pics of the girls with Jason.  So cute!  They are both Daddy’s girls, when they want to be 🙂

I often get asked why we go to the museum so much – for those of you that don’t – DO IT!  It is free, and it is always fun!  No matter how many times we have been there, my kids still love looking and learning.  They love watching how the pythons have grown, or if they have shed their skin, and how the stick insects are hiding and where.  It is never boring.  We go regularly, and I think it is as much a sanity break for me as it is fun for the kids!  The exhibits change every few months, and right now they have the Explore-a-saurus on – we have been twice now.  $10 for adults and kids >5 is well worth it.  They dig in the ‘dirt’ for ages!  We usually have to pull them away!  The stroll through Southbank is also always nice.

And so wraps up another day.  I love Wednesdays – the trio are in their only day of day care and it is so blissfully quiet!  I get so much done!  They love it too which always helps.  Am sure the next few days will bring a new trick from the trio for destroying something!

Happy Wednesday!





2 thoughts on “Mayhem!

  1. Wow Ali you certainly have your hands full, I bet life is never boring! Great PL pages, I agree it’s all about the little things that you would not normally document. Have a great week.


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