I’m a Carrot not a Parrot!


Little Miss Emma – our resident parrot. Her speech is amazing – so is her comprehension! When asked if she’s a parrot the response is ‘Nooo, Emma is a carrot not a parrot, I like carrots!’. Guaranteed response every time – and every time it still cracks me up!

Emma disclosed yesterday that she has superpowers – this was the conversation –
Me – Emma do you have superpowers?
Emma – yeah! Emma has super powers – flower powers!
Hayden – do you have laser eye powers too?
Emma – yeeaaah! It’s hot though!
Hayden – can you fly Emma?
Emma – yeah!
Hayden – Emma can you turn invisible?
Emma – nooo Hayden you stinky bum.

Absolutely cracked up laughing!!! She is hysterical – shot her big bro down in flames at the grand old age of two!!

Gotta love carrots!

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