Look what we can do!!

So, the house is still very ‘new’ to us, and being ours, we get to change, remodel – or whatever we want really! We have a list (small) of things to change; and this rock & fake plant thing is one of them – for the following reasons!!


So this is a new game – pick out the rocks, and chuck them on the ground!!!
There was white rocks everywhere, all this in the space of 2 mins while Miss Emma’s nappy was being changed (number two’s if you care!)

This was the clean up –


Miss Caitlyn – completely and utterly cheeky! She actually thought it was a real hoot picking the rocks up and chucking them in one by one. We have so far found rocks in random places –
Dog’s bed
In drawers & my favourite,
In their cots!!!

So – this is now in the top spot for being changed. We are thinking a fish tank, but not sold. Either way, the rocks have to go!!!

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