Ladies who lunch.

I often am on such a mission at the shopping centres – limited time, limited patience. I find myself gazing somewhat jealously to the ‘ladies who lunch’. They have perfect hair (mine is a chaotic but clean mess of unruly curls if its humid or frizzy mop type if its not) pretty non children snotted or grotted clothes, and shoes and a handbag! I realise this is just a little mature, but some days, don’t you just wish you could meander, enjoy a nice lunch out with your baby or friends, and just well, live to your own schedule!??

So my lunch today, a rare outing, was with theses three –


And my husband. We were at Grill’d and it was lovely! It was noisy, full of the occasional poking and prodding and subsequent screaming, but it was lovely.

As much as I would love to be a lady who lunches, I well and truly would fail! I have had the same makeup for over 8 years, and when the kids poured it all over the carpet last week and I tried to replace some of it I was met with ‘we haven’t had that for a long time’ glares! I also wouldn’t cope with wearing my hair out, wearing high heels or even sensible shoes, or wearing my ‘good’ clothes. I don’t mean to stereotype, judge or anything malicious, it’s more about always wanting what you can’t have!

Instead, I should hold my head up high. I’m a mumma to four beautiful children, I’m a nurse, and a teacher, and a wife. I don’t ever expect people to look at me in the grocery store and wish they were me – perhaps with a less cranky or tired face and better dress sense, but I blessed – whether I ‘lunch’ or not!

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