Blythe love!

Oh my goodness! I’m totally in love! I have been on the lookout for a Blythe doll for some time now – there is just something amazing about them! Anyway, opportunity knocked on Monday & I picked this gorgeous girl for Miss Caitlyn –


I then wanted, obviously, to get one to suit Miss Emma – and have just won this on eBay!


So they are still too young, but I wanted to start slowly! I have no idea what all the letters mean, only that some Blythe’s are very expensive! I really really want this gorgeous Blythe – for ME!!!


I can totally understand the addiction! I have not bought any clothes or accessories as yet but suspect that will happen soon! I cannot wait until they arrive! I will be trying to justify my Blythe until I cave and get her!

Those eyes…can’t wait to meet my two ‘girls’ for my girls!

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