Stampin’ Up! Party!






Oh my!!! My first stampin’ up! Party last night! I was incredibly nervous and worried about it all working, but I worried over nothing! My lovely guests had a great time and my mother in law who (literally) swore that she wouldn’t make cards – did! I think she made at least three!

It never ceases to amazes the craftiness in all of us and how we see things differently. It’s an awesome thing to see in action.

A very big thanks to my guests last night – they knew it was going to be trial and error but they were fabulous and we all had a hoot!

Can’t wait to do it all again with different projects (and I have many ideas already!!) – its so addictive and rewarding 🙂

Best sort out the kids! School holidays are winding up, boys have Broncos game tonight so it will be a quiet night here without Hayden & Jase! Trio will be in the land of nod…will have to create!!!

Happy Friday x

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