Brand new day

Hello & Hoppy Easter!

I am joining the world of blog – finally.  We all think we are full of stories (or something else) right?!  The beautiful picture is of a sunflower in our (old) backyard.  Proof that things do grow in the desert – Broken Hill.

Well today is a brand new day, and so the routine begins.  Triplets up and running around randomly destroying items or throwing them down the stairs.  I am still yet to have a cup of coffee!!  Eldest boy wanting porridge from the pot (not the microwave stuff) and then there is the washing basket that is edging its way out of the door due to overwork.

Well, soon enough the triplets will have a nap, I can get some washing done, and maybe just maybe, get some baking and paper crafting done!  I have no idea what we are baking today – yet!  My helper generally decides.  It is easier to bake when the triplets are in bed – they tend to fight over the bowl & beaters…its gets messy & mean pretty quickly!

Family will abound this weekend, with the kids wanting to make carrot cake for the Easter Bunny on Sunday (he will be tired and will need a cup of tea and a piece of your yummy carrot cake mummy), so I better ‘hop’ to it!

Happy Friday


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